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The diabetes pandemic is worldwide turning into a diabetic tsunami. The numbers are shocking

There are 700 million diabetics worldwide of whom 90% are type 2 (obesity diabetes.)

The KFC and MacDonald's of the world are causing a disaster. This should not be the end of the story.



Life With Diabetes

I think if someone asked me many years ago what is the colour of life with diabetes (LWD) my answer would have been cold gray or muddy brown. I got my badge on July 13th, 1979. I was very thin and extremely ill...

I remembered being in the children's ward and I was awfully scared. Everyone talked in soft voices. It was like death... Nobody explained to me what diabetes is. The message to my parents was: no sugar, regular injection and she can die young. There were no sugar test machines or proper diabetic food. My mother weighed everything, omitted what was too much and the rest I could call my meal.

This is the reason for the website! The Life with diabetes (LWD) badge is green or yellow or blue BUT only on one condition. Knowledge should be an integral part of the diagnosis and education process. I never received education and my family lived in fear for many years. Fear of what was to come...

The website is for every new or old diabetic. Not your ID years but your LWD years. Furthermore to learn and to share. Diabetes is a metabolic disturbance that can cause havoc only should you ignore the rules. We trust the LWD website will bring sunshine and knowledge to you all.

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