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Diabetes mellitus in the new millennium:

The diabetes pandemic is worldwide turning into a diabetic tsunami. The numbers are shocking

There are 700 million diabetics worldwide of whom 90% are type 2 (obesity diabetes.)

The KFC and MacDonald's of the world are causing a disaster. This should not be the end of the story.

You can have a different life! YOU can make a choice NOT too eat take away food daily or even weekly. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and brown bread or rice instead of white bread and rice. Choose your protein size appropriately.

Park at the end of the parking lot and walk the distance. Walk the stairs. Every time. Not only when there is a power cut. Take control of your life and your weight.

You can be different and make a difference to your children and spouse.

Take away all sugars and keep it as a treat once every 2 weeks. This is not a punishment. You are saving a young life from diabetes, heart attack and stroke. One day they will thank you.

Worldwide obesity among children younger than 5 years is already 5%.

The South African problem is also rising. Look around at schools and preschools. Obese children are sitting with cell phones and tablets. The only exercises they get are the thumb workout. We are having 2 million diabetics and another 2 million walking around undiagnosed in South Africa.

Teachers, parents, chemists - take note and make a difference. Test all patients regularly for sugar with a plane finger stick. Re-evaluate the ingredients in your school tuck shop.

Parents have a good look at the food you send with to school. Low GI brown bread with cheese and ham, fruit and fruit juice go a long way.

Know your numbers:

  • Every male should have a waist circumference below 94cm and every female should have a waist below 80cm.
  • Should your number be above this then you are in the category of metabolic syndrome. In this category please also check your blood pressure and lipogram since this is part of the metabolic syndrome.
  • Blood pressure should always be below 130/80mmHg and lipogram should include LDL (low desired cholesterol) and HDL (high desired cholesterol)
  • LDL should be lower than 3.0 (depending on all your other risks )
  • HDL cholesterol should be above 1.0.
  • Triglycerides should be below 1.7 in a fasting state.
  • The next important target is random blood glucose should not be above 6.0mmol.
  • If you are a known diabetic your fasting blood glucose (glucose upon waking up) should be less than 6.0 and 2 hours post prandial (after meal) should be below 8.0mmol.
  • The target HbA1c should be below 7%
  • This count tells us the average blood glucose over 3 months. We measure how the glucose bind to the hemoglobin of the red cells and this is then called HbA1c.
  • This measurement should be done at least twice a year. This can help you to know that you are still on track with your diabetes control.

To get good glucose control the combination of medicine, exercise and diet are extremely important. I call this the diabetic bar stool. Always check these three "legs" of the diabetic bar stool should your sugar get out of control.

Finally always remember that stress and illness can cause the "diabetic barstool" to fall over since both these entities pushes sugar very high. Should you struggle with stress or illnesses it is important to contact your diabetes doctor to help with an appropriate tablet. In the case of stress of a more long-term nature your doctor will prescribe an SSRi to help combat stress and control sugar.

Remember that you are the captain of your health ship. You choose to go through the tsunami or to bypass it. Do not become a victim of disease but a victor of health. Choose wise and correct.
Sweet greetings from the editorial desk.
Dr. Louise